November 5, 2019

98th District

State Senate: Virginia like the US as a whole and every state except Nebraska, has a bicameral legislature, or two houses of the General Assembly. One smaller, one larger. In Virginia each half of the Assembly works on bills and then in the middle of the session, bills “cross-over” to the other house. Bills not approved before cross-over day are dead for the year. Committee votes are not recorded and letting something die in committee is a tool used by both sides to avoid unpopular decisions on the record.

Gloucester, King and Queen, & King William: Third Virginia District, Herb Jones of New Kent is a Army Veteran, has a small business with his brother, and like me is tired of the lack of governance in Virginia. The incumbent, Thomas K. Norment is the longest serving member of the Virginia Senate, and the richest. He has enriched himself from a variety of state sources, which should not be allowed. He is a bad man.

Middlesex, Essex: Fourth Virginia Senate District Stan Scott is running here against McDougle, who has run unopposed for 12 years.

Mathews is in the Sixth Virginia Senate District which also included the Accomack and Northampton on the Eastern Shore, although numerically most of its voters are in Norfolk. Despite that, both candidates are from the Eastern Shore. Lawyer Lynwood Lewis is the Democratic incumbent to the seat once held by Governor Ralph Northam. His opponent is a

House of Delegates: Ella Webster v. Keith Hodges

Board of Supervisors: Virginia runs on a County system which some say is a holdover from plantation culture.

School Board Troy Anderson

Commonwealth’s Attorney

Commissioner of the Revenue


County Treasurer

Soil and Water Director