Why. the. hair?

I have been using a picture of myself from 2017 with brown hair, because it is the picture I had available. Now I have an excellent headshot thanks to Sam Fatima at http://samheadshots.com and it’s time to talk about the hair.

It’s blue. VERY blue. Why?

First, I turned 50. My grandmother lived to be 100, but I’m realistically about half way done with my life. it’s a good time for thinking about what I have done and what I have left undone. My skin isn’t going to get any younger and someday my hair will turn grey, so if not now, when?

Second, my give-a-damn is busted. Some people will be surprised to find out I ever had one. But I did, and it’s busted. We have a President I wouldn’t have in my house as a dinner guest. We are abusing children who come to our borders and raising the next generation of terrorists. There are people have decided that their desire to own military style weapons is more important than the lives of children. There are people trying to take us back to the bad old days before Roe v Wade when rich women went to Puerto Rico and poor women died for abortions. And I cannot do anything about it.

Third, well, I can be petty. I was told I had to dye it back to a “normal” color to be taken seriously. I served in the United States Peace Corps and graduated from an Ivy League medical school, heck with ’em.

Last, my high school friend who now lives in Australia put it in the logo, and the logo is GREAT.

2 thoughts on “Why. the. hair?

  1. I do like it, the color suits you and I didn’t mean anything negative at all. I also like Robert Plant, Mark Knopfler , van Morrison, Carolina Chocolate drops, Ratty Tatty , theOld Crow Medicine Show , LED Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones to name a few. I have a 300 disk CD player I’m still trying to fill. Thanks


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