Candidate Announces

GLOUCESTER, VA- The Democratic Committees of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, Mathews, Middlesex, and the West Point and Sweet Hall  precincts of King William County met this past Saturday June 8, to select Dr. Elizabeth “Ella” Webster as their 2019 candidate for the 98th district of Virginia’s House of Delegates.

Dr. Webster is a 50 year-old physician and resident of Gloucester.  Dr. Webster is a 13th generation of her family to live in Virginia, despite being born in Vermont and raised in Maine.  She graduated from Dartmouth Medical School; she holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Drew University; and served in the United States Peace Corps in Central African Republic as a Child Survival Volunteer. She moved to Gloucester in 2006 and worked at the Gloucester Mathews Free Clinic. Since 2010 Dr. Webster has provided clinical services for the Virginia Department of Health.

Dr. Webster believes that government should look out for the individual, as corporations are capable of looking after themselves; and if they aren’t, they should be allowed to fail, which means uncoupling health care and pensions from employment.  

DR. WEBSTER’S POSITIONS- Universal health care is a possibility in Virginia without waiting for the Federal Government.  Choices about health care should be left to a woman and her doctor, Dr. Webster has professional experience with these times of difficult choices and thinks that the state needs to stay out of it.  Vaccinations should be free to the patient. Long Acting Reversible Contraception should be free to everybody with a uterus whether insured, or uninsured.

The best thing for the economy is a safe, well housed, well paid, well connected and well educated population: Create affordable rural housing, Raise the minimum wage, Facilitate collective bargaining, Make high speed reliable internet available throughout the commonwealth, End the school to prison pipeline, Implement police policies that have been shown to reduce officer involved shootings, and pass gun laws that have shown evidence of reducing gun related injury and mortality.

Democracy is the foundation, without it all else is meaningless.  Therefore, make voting easy: Automatic registration, Election Day as a Holiday, prepaid return for absentee ballots; and effective: Abolishing gerrymandering,  Ranked Choice Voting for state run primaries, and Rational districting (this starts with non-partisan re-districting.)

Dr. Webster supports the Stevens’ dissent on Heller v. District of Columbia.  

Please see for her positions and policy proposals as they are published.  Dr. Webster will be campaigning as part of a regional group including Herb Jones who is running in the Virginia 3rd Senate; Stan Scott who is running for the Virginia 4th Senate; and Kevin Washington who is running for Delegate 97th District.

Gloucester County Democratic Committee

Annual Seafood Dinner

October 12, 2019

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